Humidity Sensors

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Humidity Sensors

Our humidity and temperature sensor module is designed base capacitive humidity and temperature sensor by GP Systems. This product utilizes humidity sensor capacitor (HS1101, France Humirel) with optional temperature sensor Pt100 , with characteristics of stable, high accuracy, quick response, good crossing-over and it also use craftwork of SMD, and so own extremely small body, stable and reliably performance. The quality guarantee time is 12 months.



Electron , pharmaceutical industry, food processing, warehouses, telecom industry, AHU’s, Humidity chambers etc.



a) Power Supply: 5 V DC
b)Electric Current : 2 mA ( Max. 5 mA) c) Temperature operating range: 0-900C
d) Humidity operating range: 0-100% Rh (Dew point)
e) Humidity measurement range: 2-99%Rh f)Temperature storing range: -20 to 850 C
g) Humidity storage range: Under 95% Rh ( Below dew point) h) Accuracy: 2% Rh (At250C and 60%Rh)


We deal in various kinds of temperature sensors, such as:

  1. Cost Effective Humidity Module
  2. Humidity Sensor
  3. Probe Type Humidity Sensor
  4. Temperature And Humidity Module

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