Flow Measurement Unit

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Flow Measurement Unit

GP Systems has developed flow sensing and indicating system suitable for flow measurement of gases (corrosive or non corrosive), air, and liquids. We use reputed american sensors to ensure most accurate sensing of flow. The system is made in such a way to ensure long life and ease of use. It can measure the flow even a t low pressures and even if there is moisture in the gas/ air.



  1. Most accurate system of flow measurement.
  2. Selectable units like lpm, m3/min etc.
  3. Optional relay output.
  4. Optional retransmission function.
  5. No effect of moisture or dust in pipeline.


System Specifications

Measurement Principle:- Differential pressure

Indicates:- Flow Rate and Total Volume

Working gas temperature:- -25 to 125C

Display:- LCD/LED 4 digit flow rate, 10 digit total volume

Line Pressure:- 50mmWC to 300bar

Orifice specifications:- As per drawing

Recording of parameters:- Optional

Accuracy of system:- Better the 1%

Communication interface:- RS232/ RS485 (Optional)

Line Size:- From 4mm to 40 inches

Power Supply:- 220 V AC

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