Biogas and producer gas flow meter

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Biogas and producer gas flow meter

Biogas, a byproduct of decomposition can be produced through anaerobic digestion and create renewable energy. Between the desire to create alternative energy sources to achieve energy independence and the need to meet greenhouse gas protocols, monitoring and measuring biogas is essential.

The Biogas Flow Meter serves as an integral part for the safety of this process, whether involved with food processing, fermentation towers, or slaughterhouses. Measuring biogas flow at several points in the system provides operators with critical information for optimal gas production, control and safety. Furthermore, many recovery systems comply with greenhouse gas protocols such as the Organic Waste Project Protocol and the KYOTO Protocols, both of which require biogas measurement. Such requirements include Certified Emission Reductions (CER), a credit system, and the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), which encourage investment in sustainable development projects to reduce emissions. Thermal Mass Flow Meters help quantify the captured emissions by measuring the mass flow rate, even at very low flows, and by providing a very easy way.

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