Flow Measurement Systems

We create high quality Flow Measurement Systems

Air Velocity Sensor

Compact, intelligent sensors featuring MEMS precision technology for repeatable airflow detection.

┬áRoHS / Lead-free and lead…

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Flow Measurement Unit

GP Systems has developed flow sensing and indicating system suitable for flow measurement of gases (corrosive or non corrosive), air, and liquids…

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Biogas and producer gas flow meter

Biogas, a byproduct of decomposition can be produced through anaerobic digestion and create renewable energy. Between the desire…

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Integrated air flow sensor and meter

A Flow Indicator Totaliser (Totalizer) is a device that measures electrical signal from a flow sensing device flow sensor…

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GP Systems deals in a wide variety of sensors, data loggers, indicators and monitoring equipment. If you have a custom requirement, then do give us a call and we will be glad to design an efficient and affordable solution for your needs.


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