Data Acquisition Systems

Check out our Data loggers with multiple parameters.

Our Data Acquisition system accepts various type of inputs like mA, DC V,mV, RTD, Thermocouples. The data fro the sensors is recorded in digital and graphical format. Report generation can be customized.

Recording interval is user programmable and software alarms are also provided. What makes us stand ahead of others is our ability to make the data acquisition software as per user’s requirement and our expertise in sensors selection.


  • Input: Universal ( 4-20, 0-5 VDC,RTD, Thermocouple (all type))
  • Output: Relay ( Optional)
  • Communication Port: USB
  • Recording interval: Programmable
  • Number of inputs : 1 to 32
  • Power Supply: 220 V AC/ 24 V  DC

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Data Recording Format:


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